Starbucks SeedPod

The Starbucks SeedPod aims to promote community awareness and urban revitalization through Guerilla Gardening. After deconstructing the Starbucks brand and understanding its core elements the Starbucks SeedPod was designed as a concept for where Starbucks could be in 2025.

The idea is such that every time a consumer purchases a coffee they gain access to certain seeds native to the area in which they live. Through social media sharing, people are able to log what seeds they have and where they have been planted. People are then able to get together to revitalize the areas in which they live.

In a one for one style campaign (one coffee, for one tree) every time a drink is purchased, Starbucks are able to give back to the local communities they serve.

The Starbucks SeedPod was featured on both the Weather Channel and Yanko Design.








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